Case Study


Business Challenge

HepsiBurada is Turkey’s largest e-Commerce website with 13 million monthly visitors. The company wanted to be accessible to all potential visitors, and commissioned Monitise to develop a mobile platform to enable this expansion. As the name of the website entails –everything is here- the site contains over 360,000 products in 35 different categories. Over 20,000 products are sold on the website on a daily basis. Therefore, it was essential for HepsiBurada to provide an efficient tool for its customers to browse all products on the mobile platform.


  • Designed and developed by Monitise, the HepsiBurada iPhone App enabled users to access all features available on the website through their mobile devices with the addition of a barcode reader.
  • Focused on easy navigation, the application is designed to promote campaigns and make popular products more visible.
  • Integrated with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the HepsiBurada app increases shoppers’ interaction with the website and other customers.


  • HepsiBurada’s mobile platform helped the company gain competitive advantage over other Turkish e-commerce websites.
  • HepsiBurada’s iPhone app hit #1 in the Turkish App Store with almost 40,000 downloads over its first weekend and still is one of the most downloaded apps in the Turkish app market.
  • Elegant and fast, HepsiBurada Mobile was quickly adapted by online shoppers and gained almost 100.000 users in the first month of its launch.
  • The Barcode reader has improved the speed and ease of comparison shopping for HepsiBurada users.